Monday, October 31, 2005

Saw II (Spoilers)

Well I went to see this movie this past weekend. I call it a movie only loosely. If you viewed the first Saw then you know the story is about a cancer patient that has devoted his final days to studying the human condition under extreme stress. Life threatening stress. So he hires a man to kidnap people and lock them in little rooms, in which they have a choice to play by this guy’s crazy rules and live or not play and die. The thing that made Saw viewable was this idea that the killer justified himself by giving people a genuine chance to experience life to the fullest. The one girl that lives through his game quits using drugs and puts her life together. She even says, "He helped me."

Saw II arrives on wings of laughter and song, with all the airy joy of Saw the first. Its makers have devised fresh means of maiming and killing off their characters, if you can call them characters, which I wouldn't, because "characters" infers specific … interesting … characteristics. The flick is more of the same crap that littered Saw, it opens with a guys forced to pluck out his own eye before a bear trap attached to his head goes off. He fails, but I'm sure he would have learned a lot if he did pluck his eye out. At any rate what made the first Saw redeemed is completely missing from the second. The girl that survived in Saw has become the cancer patient's disciple and her first project is Saw II.

She throws 8 folks including herself in a stupid booby trapped house. The son of some crooked cop that framed her at one point is one of those folks. He apparently framed every person in the house. At the end of Saw we found out the part about the study of the human condition. At the end of Saw II we find out that this hollow chick is all about revenge; much less intriguing than the Philosopher Maniac of Saw. And Saw wasn’t even a good movie. The sequel offers no mind-of-the-killer insights, just gratuitous bloodshed and butchery and a few not-too-surprising plot twists. But with a name like Saw, fans probably don't want anything more. I know I did, but I got nothing but disappointment, bitter disappointment.

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