Thursday, January 05, 2006

Shut Up Corso Go Home Carroll

For the last few weeks at least we've listened to Corso and Fowler make up reasons that Texas just won't be able to hang in there with the team that is quite possibly the best collegiate football team of all time. Helmed by a Heisman trophy winner, who hands about twenty balls a game to another Heisman trophy winner, both coached by possibly the greatest offensive mind of the generation.
Now we know the truth. Matt Leinert IS a great quarterback who threw for 365 yds last night, Reggie Bush had a heisman performance running a fully engorged 82 yds and reciving 95, while taking time to run in a earth shattering touchdown. Vince Young on the other hand Passed for a meager 267, and rushed for an almost as meager 200, while only getting three balls across the plane, a performance hardly worty of mention in the same sentence with such as these.
If last nights game didn't convince you that Reggie Bush has been riding the broad shoulders of LenDale White (124yds 3 TD) all season long then you sir or madam are an enemy of mine.
What many saw last night was a battle of two great football teams. Not one team poised to decimate all comers. Kudos to Vince and the boys for showing us all who the rightfull owner of the Heisman trophy.
The most redeeming thing about all of this is that when the draft comes round Reggie will be stuck in Houston and Pete Carroll will probably still be crying.